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Halloween Event!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear clubbers,
our fam is organizing a Halloween Event @ JCube!

Date of event: 24 October 2010
Registration time: 11am-12.30pm
The registration fee for this event is $10.
(Free registration for CMGuild members!

     $5 for HoldMyHands members!)
The event will commence at 1pm.

There will be 3 segments:
1. Dressing up competition.
Players who come down for the event, dressed up with the theme Halloween will stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

2. Couple Dance Mode
No. of round(s): 1
Mode: Couple Dance (4-Key)
Chance: 3
Song: Random 100~120

There will be 2 couples in each room.
Top couple from each room will proceed to the next round.

3. Unknown Mode
No. of round(s): 1
Mode: CC4 / CC8/ C9 / BR / BU
Chance: Random
Song: Random Music

There will be 5 people in each room.
Top 3 from each room will proceed to the next round.

*A poll will be posted online for players to vote for the mode they prefer. So please wait patiently for our website to be up!

There will also be a revival mode when the unknown mode reaches top 15!
Those who had lost and want to join back into the game,

you will just have to pay $2 to take part in the revival match!
There will only be 25 slots available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
5 people will be in a room, so there will be 5 rooms.
The top winner of each room can proceed to join into the competition and compete with the top 15!

Do spread the news ~ :D

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Do join us in the fun!

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The mode will be CC4